Success and dropout pathways in vocational training

Programme for the 13th


13th December - Sa Riera Hall

Open to all interested people after registration and confirmation of acceptance


9.00. Workshop presentation.


9.30 - 11.00. Accompaniment during the Transition between Obligatory Secondary Education and Professional Education: The Research Perspective. Dr. Francesca Salvà and other members of the Project “Pathways leading to success in, or dropout from, vocational training in the education system at levels 1 and 2”.


11.00 - 11.30. Coffee break.


11.30 - 14.00. Transition Offers between Obligatory Secondary Education and Professional Secondary in Switzerland: Reception Modules for New Arrivals of Young People to Vocational Education and Training centres. Mrs. Magali Feller. Responsible of Continuous Training and Integration Measures of the Institut Fédéral des hautes études en formation professionnelle (Switzerland). Mr. Pascal Helle. Expert in reception modules for new arrivals of young people to Vocational Education and Training. 


14.00 - 15.30. Lunch break.


15.30 - 17.00. The SAS (Accrochage Scolaire service): A Belgian Experience Led by the Third Sector. Mr. Maurice Cornil. SAS creator and responsible for the SAS Parenthèse (Brussels).


17.00 - 17.30. Coffee break.


17.30 - 19.00. MCR Pathways Project (Glasgow): A Mentoring Programme Experience in Schools and Third Sector. Dr. Andrea Laczik. Edge Foundation and Oxford University.


* The teaching staff of non-university educational centres of the Balearic Islands will process the application for the recognition of credits of Permanent Teacher raining by the Ministry of Education and the University of the Balearaic Islands.