Success and dropout pathways in vocational training

The project


It is strategic to develop a flexible vocational training system that promotes the continuous education for those with low educational level (facilitating their entry into vocational training programs). These positive measures are imperative to reduce Early School Leaving (ESL) rates and to increase the enrolment in educational medium levels in Spain. Despite the importance of the subject, there are few researches about success and dropout pathways in VET in Spain, while there are many studies centred in other educational levels. For that reason is really important to develop new knowledge to promote successful strategies, policies and practices in VET dropout prevention and engagement.

This project is focused on vocational training success and dropout pathways in Spain, particularly on young people following initial and medium vocational training programs (professional qualification levels 1 and 2). The main objectives of the project are: (1) to generate new knowledge about vocational training (levels 1 and 2) dropout and (2) to develop positive action proposals to prevent and reduce this dropout.

To accomplish these general objectives we will use a mixed methodological approach that includes quantitative and qualitative methods and will be operationalized by conducting nine tasks.

Project results will allow us to provide science-based evidence, strategies and tools that contribute to the improvement of existing knowledge about Spanish educational system of vocational training and, more specifically, to prevent and to correct the serious dropout problem in these educational levels.